Specialist Inspection

Westerton Access provides specialist inspection, maintenance and integrity services to the energy market. Westerton Access brings together an experienced management team who are dedicated to providing a quality and client driven service.


Westerton Access creates innovative solutions and services by ensuring focus is on delivering excellence with the least disruption to client operation. At Westerton Access, we pride ourselves on employing a highly effective workforce with specialist skills and experience. We believe that the people working for Westerton Access are our most valuable assets. Their commitment, professionalism, experience and sup- port help us provide quality and high performance throughout all our services.





Rope Access is a specialism which requires a high level of skill and training and has developed over the past fifty years from its off- shore industry beginnings to span many other areas, including wind turbines, construction, historic building repair, satellite instal- lation and non-destructive testing.


Our Rope Access teams are trained to deliver exactly the job you need, applying a range of specialist skills ensuring a cost-effective and time efficient outcome. We also aim to cause the least disturbance possible to your everyday operations, where we believe that using a highly skilled Rope Access technician can minimise impact and get the job done quickly.


The particular system of industrial Rope Access used has been developed to be very safe as well as effective at reaching areas which are normally difficult to access. The teams come with all their own equipment and methods of access, so no additional equipment hire is required.


Westerton Access are constantly innovating our specialist access solutions in turn complimenting standard rope access techniques. Westerton Access have extended the boundaries of what tasks can be performed by rope access further increasing the efficiency of the personnel deployed on the work site, resulting in overall cost saving.